4.1 SAP User-Control Program

SAP User Control Program is a centralized cockpit that enables controlling SAP basis data of the SAP systems. The following subjects can be managed using this solution: 

  • System management
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Transaction management
  • Transaction code usage report  
  • User request management 

This solution has been developed on SAP Fiori which allows also web and mobile access for more flexibility. 

4.2 SAP Supplier Data Management

It has always been a challenge to manage the consistency and safety of supplier data within global and big companies. This solution is developed and already live at big international company operating in 30 countries. 

  • With SDM solution, all the data transaction are developed using SAP UI5 technology in order to grant access on web on mobile. 
  • SDM`s flexible and configurable architecture allows more controlled and user friendly management of master data. 
  • All change requests, approval requests and approval lead time can be reported. 
  • On each level of master data change request, the solution enables adding notes and attachments. 

4.3 QARE QR Code Printing Program 

This Barcode program has been developed in order to strengthen SAP`s Barcode and graph functionalities that is in standard not fully supporting companies need for such functionalities. 

This solution is developed due to the following limitation in standard SAP:

  • QR code creation and printing
  • No graph printing feature in SAP layout design program

Advantages from QARE solution:

  1. Fast implementation
  2. User friendly
  3. Easy transformation from current configuration/developments
  4. High performance
  5. Log & monitoring

4.4 Retail Solutions & Reports

  1. Web based store cockpit screen using SAP GUI 
  2. Fiori based store screens for sticker/label printing, goods receipt, goods return etc. 
  3. Store distance and transport duration reporting 
  4. Transport frequency report 
  5. Store stock counting program
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